3rd Agricultural AI Competition in the Netherlands

The Korean team ranked fourth and fifth in the 3rd Agricultural Artificial Intelligence (AI) Competition held in the Netherlands.

According to foreign media on the 2nd, among the 5 teams that advanced to the final round of the 3rd Agricultural AI Competition, Korea’s Crop Vision and Automation (CVA) and

Monday Letus came in fourth and fifth, respectively.

The two teams ranked first and third in the second qualifying round, respectively, advancing to the finals involving the top five teams.

The final round was a competition in which lettuce was grown for four months using AI algorithms in glass greenhouses.

The final ranking was made by evaluating who raised the final net profit more, except for various expenses incurred in growing lettuce such as electricity.

Previously, the first preliminary round was a computer vision challenge, and the second preliminary round was an evaluation of lettuce image recognition algorithm and machine learning algorithm for cultivation.

The long-awaited first place in the three tournaments was the U.S. koala team, which ranked fifth in the second preliminary round.

The leader of the koala team, consisting of agricultural startup Koidra and researchers from Cornell University,

Kenneth Tran, the leader of the Sonoma team, who won the finals at the first agricultural AI competition held in 2018, took over again.

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