The advent of technology has created a big difference between the past and the present times.

Technology let us realize that a great amount of time was consumed during the period when our great grandparents only used pen and paper to communicate with friends and relatives from far away. 

Nowadays, with just a single click, we can convey a message or talk to someone who is on the other side of the globe. When the advantages of technology are put into focus, its disadvantages may be neglected because at present, people choose what they only want to hear and believe. 

Nevertheless, we must always weigh things equally to know what we must do accordingly.

One can state several disadvantages of technology, but below are four of what we can consider its biggest downsides:

1. Social Isolation

The internet, being the basic example of technology, is one of the main causes of social isolation. Instead of meeting and talking to people, doing a favorite sport with friends, reading an interesting book, and sharing it with others, people choose to spend more time sitting down and scrolling on their mobile phones. 

We may be able to meet new people through the internet, but somehow, we tend to ignore the people near us.

The lack of socializing with others through physical contact can cause depression and other forms of mental illness according to studies. Being addicted to certain games and applications may also lead to social isolation. When the focus of a person is projected to these things, time slips very fast.  

2. Widespread of Deception

Ever heard of fake news over the television and the internet? Using famous photo and video editing applications, anyone who has the knowledge of editing can simply manipulate a picture or video

that is not true and post it on social media to make it seem real. Other than that, crimes are also hovering over the internet. Syndicates creating fake personas have managed to use social media to operate their notorious businesses.

3. Privacy Threat

Hacking an account or system is the most common way of abusing a person’s digital privacy. It is never guaranteed that personal information you have entered over the internet will always be protected.

Remember that others who are highly skilled in computers and internet codes are capable of using their knowledge on these in a harmful and disrespectful way. Plagiarism and abuse of copyright are also serious issues that our society is currently facing. 

4. Over-dependence on Technology

Currently, our society became more advanced with the dawn of computers and modern machines powered by the internet.

The demand for employment decreases; employers no longer need to hire people physically to operate a business or work as long as machines and computers are present. 

However, laziness and other kinds of non-productive characteristics start to latch onto people unknowingly. The human mind and memory no longer exert the right amount of effort needed for something because of this. 

It is essential for us humans to go with the flow of advancement in our time. We tend to get all things too quickly because we became used to them. Nonetheless,

little do we realize that some things aren’t meant to be done in a very short span of time. After all, humans are far more important and valuable than technology.

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