Blockchain-based short-form video platform Ziktalk announced on the 12th that it has achieved 1 million cumulative subscribers as of the end of July, receiving favorable responses from global users in the Southeast Asian market.

JikTalk is a blockchain-based shortform video platform that provides ZIK tokens as compensation to both creators who make shortform videos and users who enjoy content.

Shim Beom-seok, CEO of JikTok, said, “JikTok, a Korean native shortform video platform, will grow into a global platform through the new value of Social to Earn (S2E) that both creators and users can receive compensation.”

JikTok was established in December 2016 and has been operating a language exchange social network service, but changed its business direction and released a beta version of JikTok 2.0, a short-form video platform, in October last year, and has been operating an official service since February this year.

In particular, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. It has secured 1 million cumulative users, mainly Southeast Asian users such as Bangladesh, and recorded a total of 17 million ZIK token transactions (transactions) on the Luniverse-based blockchain network.

On ZikTok, an average of 2,000 short form videos are registered per day for six months from February to July, including dance, hobbies, travel, pets, and humor. The cumulative number of videos is 350,000, and the average user’s access time to the app is 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, ZikTok provides self-issued ZIK tokens as compensation to users who watch videos in the app, produce video content, like, and follow social mining activities.

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