Comprehensive accommodation solution start-up the baker corp announced on the 20th that it acquired a cloud-based hotel SaaS (service-type software) company.

However, it was private about the specific corporate name.

An official of the baker corp said: “We are continuing to acquire hotel solution companies.

We plan to combine the company together and create a new company name, so we are handling the specific company name privately. “

Founded in 2019, the baker corp provides cloud-based IT solutions ranging from hardware to software and development, operation and construction solutions for small and medium-sized motel businesses.

It operates more than 900 rooms in 27 motels nationwide, including the main brand Awom Hotel and Soryun Hotel.

The baker corp will be able to expand its solution supply to more than 220 major commercial areas nationwide.

The acquired hotel solution company also operates QR Doorlock, Untapped Kiosk and Room Management Systems (RMS).

We also have additional hardware technology for hotel operation and management

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