Teamviewer’s strategy is to digitize IoT, which connects equipment and equipment equally after the IPO in 2019, and workflows and processes that connect people and objects. AR and VR markets for workflow digitization are demands that have already existed for existing customers. Amid the global shortage of manpower and difficulty in developing skills, the digitization of field workers has been forgotten. Extending from device to device to person is natural.”

In a recent interview with this magazine, Oliver Stale, CEO of Teamviewer, made the remarks about TeamViewer’s industrial metaverse strategy.

Teamviewer introduced ‘Teamviewer Frontline’, an industrial metaverse solution that utilizes AR VR. The Team Viewer Frontline is designed to increase work efficiency of field workers outside the office and simplify the process.

As an industrial AR workflow solution, TeamViewer Frontline includes Frontline Creator, a customized AR workflow application that can easily set up and edit IT development, Frontline Workplace, which enables field workers to check information through smart glasses, and Frontline Command Center, which remotely allocate field work or provide necessary guides as soon as problems occur.

The product is divided into ‘Teamviewer xPick’ that digitizes logistics and warehouse storage processes, ‘Teamviewer xMake’ that visually guides manufacturing and production workflows, ‘Teamviewer xInspect’ that shows step-by-step instructions to field workers in service and maintenance and documents all tasks, and ‘XCist’ that connects field and remote experts.

Teamviewer CEO Oliver Stale said, “Over the past few years, AR technologies and tools that are easy to use have been developed, making it easier for engineers to use AR. After confirming the market’s potential, we also carried out related mergers and acquisitions to accelerate industrial metaverse efforts.”

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