fraudulent gambling against foreigners, including the head of a casino corporation

Twelve people, including foreign-only casino executives and sales department employees, were caught in a number of luxury hotels that gambled against foreigners and embezzled company funds.

Daegu District Prosecutors’ Office announced on the 20th that it has indicted four executives without detention, including A (60), chairman of a casino corporation exclusively for foreigners in Daegu’s luxury hotel, who is suspected of fraud and embezzlement. The prosecution also indicted eight people in the sales department, including B (57), the sales director of the company, without detention on the same charges.

According to the prosecution, they are accused of stealing about 4.5 billion won in 2017 by gambling with “drug cards” and “cheating” methods, which are prearranged cards that can predict victory or defeat against three Chinese and Japanese nationalities. Unlike games that are played according to ordinary rules, medicine cards are prearranged so that when a specific number card is released, a specific side wins the next round.

It is also suspected of illegally lending about 6.4 billion won borrowed in foreign currency from abroad without collateral and misappropriating 200 million won in gift cards to be paid to customers in the name of Black Dealer Special Allowance.

Earlier, the prosecution said it obtained information on fraudulent gambling in December last year and confiscated and searched for witnesses, account tracking, and the residence of some suspects to confirm such crimes.

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