New Paradigm Investment (CEO Bae Sang-seung and Park Je-hyun), the operator of the TIPS of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, announced on the 19th that it has made a pre-A investment in Edutem (co-CEO Shin Jung-hoon and Kim Jin-sook).

Eduteem is a combination of ‘education’ and ‘Item’ and is a startup that researches and develops the edutech field. Based on the patented technologies (Patent No. 10-2296878, No. 10-2414626) of the self-developed artificial intelligence (AI) “Pronunciation Evaluation Solution” and “Lighting Correction Solution,” it supplies various performance evaluation solutions necessary for English and Chinese learning.

“Eduteem is a company founded by experts with 20 years of experience in foreign language education services and has state-of-the-art solutions such as AI technology-based pronunciation evaluation solutions and ITS recommendation systems,”

said Park Je-hyun, co-CEO of New Paradigm Investment. “We will present learning methods that meet the latest trends in the fierce English learning market in Korea and leap into global services beyond Korea through the development of high-quality content.”

BORAGU Chinese and English, operated by Edutem, is a smart learning learning service that allows you to acquire local culture and foreign languages at the same time through interesting TV videos (news, dramas, entertainment, animation, etc.). Optimized foreign language learning services are possible not only in mobile but also in PC environments.

In particular, the core is to implement various services that can enjoy both continuity and fun of learning, such as AI voice recognition pronunciation evaluation, Tongmun reading training, 1:1 remote classes for native speakers, and video commentary lectures.

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