The global economic downturn is coming. Real estate has been dampened, and stocks have one investment opportunity.

Big Data Economist Vincent warned that there is a high possibility of a global economic downturn at the end of the year.

He worked as an economist in the KB Securities Asset Allocation Strategy Office and Hana Financial Investment Asset Analysis Office

Currently, he is in charge of business as a big data economist

There are factors that affect real estate market prices. There are institutional aspects and supply and demand also affect.

It is said that it will increase supply when the new government takes office in May.

As supply increases according to the law of supply and demand, prices will stabilize downward.

However, the supply cycle of real estate is not short. There is a time lag until stabilization.

Interest rates are also a sensitive part. Behind the rising pressure on interest rates, I think real estate prices will also have more downward pressure than upward pressure.

Statistically, real estate prices in China, which can be seen as a leading indicator, have declined.

Since last year’s Hengda crisis, Chinese real estate has gone beyond downward stabilization and has begun to decline. From that point of view, the possibility of price synchronization of Korean real estate has also increased

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