With the global launch of blockchain-based P2E games, the construction of mainnet has emerged as a hot topic.

Mainnet is the most basic network in blockchain ecosystem composition. As an independent platform, it deals with cryptocurrency exchanges, private wallet transactions, and builds a virtual economy

It plays a key role.

As the blockchain and metaverse ecosystem of domestic game companies began in earnest, the choice of the main net became important.

If the main net is shaken, the foundation of the P2E economic system will become unstable.

On top of that, preservation of value and competitiveness through its own virtual currency became important, and whether to choose its own main net has also emerged as a hot topic.

WeMade’s WeMix took the first step as a mainnet soloist on July 1 when it opened the WeMix 3.0 TestNet.

It is an open main net that can contain all NFT, DAO, and Diffie centered on games.

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