Lawrence Tio, Chief Operating Officer, Dream Tower Casino, Jeju Island

Dream Tower Casino is ‘World Class’ in short. It has facilities, staff, and services that can stand shoulder to shoulder with famous casinos abroad. Not only China, but also Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and even Japan and Taiwan can satisfy customers worldwide.”

Expectations for “reopening” are also growing in the casino industry, which is called the “last puzzle” of the recovery of the tourism market that has collapsed due to COVID-19. When the trip exchange latch was released and the sky road opened, foreign tourists who had disappeared appeared again. The “big hand,” who says he spends “billion” every time he stops by, also began to load himself on a plane to Korea to enjoy the game he endured.

What stands out is Lotte Tourism Development’s Jeju Dream Tower Casino. Foreigners are paying keen attention to travel to Korea and enjoy casinos at once, given that it is a casino complex resort representing Jeju Island, the No. 1 Hallyu tourism destination, and that it is a state-of-the-art casino that has only been opened for a year. Singaporean tourists who visited on the first direct flight to Jeju International, which resumed in two years, and enjoyed the game during the day and night are said to be a sign of the revival of the Jeju casino market.

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