Our main net WeMix 3.0, developed by WeMade, will be released as early as next month. The company aims to become a true open platform through WeMix 3.0, and to compete with mainnet operators around the world to become the No. 1 operator.

Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of Wemade, said in a media meeting held online on the 3rd, “There is a global mainnet competition, but considering the achievements we have achieved so far, our goal is to become the world’s No. 1 mainnet, and it is sufficiently achievable.”

Prior to the release of its own mainnet WeMix 3.0, WeMade has opened WeMix 3.0 testnet since the 1st of last month to test the stability of its protocol stability. CEO Jang said, “Currently, we will be able to show the completeness enough to open next month.”

The first effect that CEO Jang expects from the release of his own mainnet is that WeMix develops into a true open platform. As there is a limit to the technology base to be included as an external mainnet, it is planned to build its own mainnet so that any game company can build the talknomics (token economy) that it wants.

In addition, it aims to prove its own competitiveness based on game know-how established by Wemade and smoothly integrate “Nile” and decentralized finance (Dispy) projects combined with irreplaceable tokens (NFT) and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) into the network.

Earlier, Wemade unveiled “Block Daemon,” a global blockchain infrastructure company, as the first node (network participant) of Wemix 3.0. It plans to secure 40 node council partners in the future. CEO Jang said, “WeMix 3.0 will operate under the name of Node Council Partner to give more transparent and decentralized authority,” adding, “The selection criteria are partners who can contribute to the WeMix ecosystem.”

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