Iconloop is strengthening related businesses based on its own blockchain framework parameters unveiled in June. Parameters are frameworks that allow companies to build their own blockchain mainnets, such as Cosmos’ Software Development Kid (SDK) and Polcardot’s Substraight.

Parameters support the development of Layer 0 to Layer 4 based on the self-developed engine loop chain developed by Iconloop. Parameters support various businesses such as irreplaceable token (NFT), decentralized exchange (DEX), and automatic market maker (AMM).

Kim Jong-hyeop, CEO of Iconloop, attended the “Blogane Meet-Up Conference” on the 19th and said, “The world of multi-chain and interchain using reliable brokers and interchain connecting chains without intermediaries have reached the commercialization stage.”

“Parameta provides a framework of related services such as data that can deploy side chains. In the fourth quarter of this year, we will move NFTs scattered in various chains to one chain and release the Hava Project, a kind of NFT community player round.

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