The Seoul Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (Center Director Hwang Yoon-kyung, Seoul Center) announced on the 16th that it will hold a conference on the 27th to provide insights to companies wishing to grow and expand their business through the introduction of AI in the manufacturing sector.

As part of the “Materials, Parts, and Equipment Startup 100” project, which marks its third year this year, the 2022 AI and Small Business Insights Conference will provide insights based on AI introduction trends, methods, and actual cases for small business start-ups.

Starting with the introduction of Seoul Center’s materials, parts, and equipment startup 100 support project, LG Electronics’ UP appliances’ future (Jang Sung-wook), machine AI trends and technologies (CEO Kim Chang-hyun), manufacturing site-oriented AI and management (CEO Kim Tae-young), investment companies’ AI (Blue Square Park Tae-soon), and smart device development (CEO) technology.

Through the talk concert, we will talk more deeply about the introduction of AI and solve the listeners’ questions.

Currently, companies around the world are looking for ways to use AI for corporate operations, said Joo Sun-young, manager of the event. “In particular, the introduction of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing sector is an opportunity to increase efficiency and productivity of producers and enable autonomous optimization.”

He added, “We hope that this conference will be an opportunity to scale up by introducing AI introduction methods that can provide practical help to tech startups and sharing the know-how of senior companies that have already succeeded in joining AI.”

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