Publish announced on the 3rd that it has upgraded its article to be easily published as NFT by media companies that applied links through the existing “PublishLink” service by launching “PublishLink,” a web service issued by NFT.

PUBLISHmint is a business-to-business (B2B) web service that provides all functions such as NFT production and registration for content creators who want to publish their contents as NFTs and supports NFT market minting.

Not only media companies but also anyone who produces content can use Public Citizen, and registration and issuance can be easily managed through the administrator page provided when using the service.

In addition, PUBLISHLink NFT, which has been upgraded this time, is provided to Alliance participating media companies applying PublishLink (Widget), and readers can see the NFT issued by the media company through the publish link applied to the media.

Media companies can directly issue “articles”, “event”, and “record photographs” through the PublishLink manager page, and sell the issued NFT to subscribers or those who want to own it through marketplaces such as OpenC.

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