SC First Bank announced on the 1st that it held a “SC First Bank Startup Demo Day” event at its headquarters in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 29th of last month.

This demo day was conducted with the aim of actively discovering and fostering start-up companies with promising information and communication (IT) solutions and introducing models applicable to banking systems into actual work.

SC First Bank reviewed the proposals received on the “Fintech Bridge” site since June and finally selected seven companies, and prepared a place to introduce solutions for each startup and demonstrate key functions through this event.

The finally selected startups are △ HyperScience △ Fides Advisory △ Quantech △ Deep Brain AI △ FacePAC △ And Talk △ ToDigit.

At the event, they introduced the company and explained the core functions of their proposed solution.

SC First Bank plans to consider introducing the solution, which was evaluated as highly likely to be applied to banking business during the demo day demonstration, into banking practice sequentially after verifying its effectiveness in PoC and Pilot tests in the future.

Furthermore, it will cooperate with SC Ventures and partners to promote practical partnerships such as overseas expansion into SC Group countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore, direct and indirect capital investment, and establishment of joint ventures.

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