Alice (CEO Kim Jae-won) announced on the 16th that she attended the “Start-up Regulatory Innovation Meeting to foster unicorn companies” held in the National Assembly’s main office No.

Representative Alice Kim Jae-won, who attended the meeting, stressed the need for national data opening policies to foster competent information teachers and upgrade the digital education system. He said, “The importance of coding education is increasing in the current industry, which lacks digital talent training policies and developers,” and added, “In order to improve the quality of education, it is necessary to foster information teachers with expertise through the introduction of online coding tests.”

Currently, Ellis has conducted digital education in many elementary, middle, and high schools, including Ewha Womans University’s elementary school, Daejeong Elementary School, Gwangshin Middle School, Eomgung Middle School, Sangoknam Middle School, Muhak Girls’ High School, Sehwa Girls’ High School, and Busan Buheung High School. Recently, the Korea Science and Creativity Foundation won the “Artificial Intelligence Education Digital Content Production” project and will produce a total of 100 artificial intelligence education contents to conduct usability evaluation for AI leading schools.

In particular, CEO Kim also proposed data opening policy and establishing a sensitivity classification system. He said, “In the case of industry-related data such as semiconductors and batteries operated by the state in advance, it is difficult to use them for education,” adding, “We need to establish a sensitivity classification system to improve the digital education system while preventing data leakage.”

Meanwhile, Alice has provided customized digital transformation education to more than 1,000 companies, including SK, LG, and Hyundai Motor, as well as more than 100 universities, government ministries, and public institutions such as Seoul National University and KAIST. It achieved 300,000 cumulative graduates and was also selected as the “East Asia EduTech 150” released by the Ministry of Science and ICT’s “Global ICT Future Unicorn Company” and global market research firm Holon IQ last year.

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