The Importance of Developing a Systematic Casino Dealers

Lotte Tourism Development announced on the 13th that it will recruit trainees to participate in the second term of the Dream Tower Dealer Academy (DDA) for young people who want to work in the casino sector.

The Dream Tower Dealer Academy was designed to foster talented people in the casino sector and support employment through training related to casino jobs and services.

The recruitment period is from the 13th to the 19th, and you can apply through the official website of Jeju Dream Tower Complex Resort. Non-major can also apply, and a total of 30 people will be selected through document screening.

Dream Tower Dealer Academy training, which focuses on practical skills, will be conducted by Dream Tower casino employees. The training will be held for four weeks from July 4 to 29, and participants will be paid 1 million won each for education support during this period.

Lotte Tourism Development plans to hire all trainees who have completed education as interns at Dream Tower Casino and link them to hiring contract workers according to the results of internship activities.
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