The Key SEO Activities that Needs to be Automated

You know what your budding business needs? That’s getting to the first page results on Google, and SEO can get you there. Search Engine Optimization is simple and does not need to be expensive.

However, it often can get too time-consuming.

To save precious time, it helps to automate some essential SEO activities in your campaign.

Thankfully, over the past years, a significant number of tools have been developed to increase the efficiency of SEO activities. 
You do not have to automate everything. There still are some tasks that need human’s intervention and creativity.

However, there are certain tasks that you can start automating like the following:

Industry Traffic Potential Assessment

When you are a start-up company or website, the first that needs to be done is to assess traffic potential. Being a newbie, you must test the waters and determine possible competitors. This lets you get a weigh-in on the market and know what you are in for. Manually getting approximate of this could do more harm than good, so go ahead and automate the assessment. For reference, try SimilarWeb “Industry Analysis”.

Determining Keyword Trends

This is one of the most crucial parts of SEO. Finding keyword opportunities for your website can open doors you do not even know existed. This is one SEO activity that can truly up your ROI, so make sure it is automated to save loads of time. One good software to use is Sistrix’s “Opportunities”.

• Tracking SERPs

Tracking the rankings of your keywords, comparing them against competitors, then tracking your competitors’ rankings, and analyzing all the data gathered are highly significant processes in SEO.

The bad news is they can be exhausting and time-consuming. Plus, they had to be done regularly to accurately track the rankings despite fluctuations. Fortunately, these days this can be done automatically. Tools like SERPWoo can greatly ease your burden of having to track rankings of SERPs. 

Automation is the new way to go at this age. Save yourself time and your energy. Invest in the right tools and achieve the results you have been aiming for.

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