Wemade Play Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Ho-dae) recorded 33.9 billion won in sales, 670 billion won in operating losses, and 9.3 billion won in net losses in the second quarter of 2022.

Its first-half earnings reflecting its second-quarter earnings were 68.3 billion won in sales, 600 million won in operating profit, and 8.1 billion won in net losses.

Sales in the second quarter rose 38% year-on-year due to the expansion of overseas businesses, but recorded operating losses reflecting marketing costs for new products and branding and domestic and foreign costs caused by an increase in connected companies. The net loss for the current term is estimated to temporarily reflect the fall in the valuation of investment in financial products due to the global economic downturn.

Along with the announcement of this performance, WeMade Play introduced major new works and businesses that have been underway since the third quarter.

Nemo’s Aqua Pop, which started pre-booking in Asia, including Japan, has exceeded 1 million pre-bookings in two days, continuing its cruise for release in August.

Blockchain-based mobile puzzle games will be released sequentially as scheduled from the end of the third quarter through WeMix Play.

Its subsidiary PlayLings will also release two new blockchain-based products to WeMix Play within this year to help expand WeMade Play’s new market.

In addition, Anipang Club, which will introduce membership services that link digital contents such as games to domestic and foreign markets based on NFT, is also undergoing final preparations with the aim of launching as early as the end of the third quarter.

Lee Ho-dae, CEO of WeMade Play, said, “We have confirmed various new products and new businesses that will continue from the third quarter to next year, and are conducting pre-investment and collaboration in various fields such as external-linked businesses.”

“We will achieve meaningful results within this year with new businesses and new works that add new technologies such as blockchain to companies that have unique strengths in popular game services,” he said.

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