The testnet of WeMix 3.0, the self-developed mainnet introduced on the 1st of last month, is complete enough to open the actual service next month. “Many mainnets are competing around the world, but I think WeMIX 3.0 can be the number one mainnet in the world.”

Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of Wemade, said at an online meeting held on the 3rd that he would focus on building a blockchain platform based on his own mainnet Wemix 3.0. Mainnet refers to an independent blockchain economic ecosystem that is the basis for the operation of various blockchain services such as games

as well as fish of digital currency through the operation of the blockchain network system. CEO Jang explains that he will seek a rebound by expanding his existing blockchain business without being swayed by the virtual currency market, which has recently increased volatility due to the Terra and Luna crisis, and sluggish performance in the second quarter.

Wemade aims to establish an integrated blockchain network with an open platform ‘WeMixPlay’ centered on WeMix 3.0, ‘Nile’ an irreplaceable token (NFT) platform based on decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and ‘WeMixDollar’, etc. With the success of “Mir 4 Global,”

a game that combines blockchain technology last year, Wemade, which is growing related businesses, is currently operating a test net that is turning back to officially service its own main net, Wemix 3.0.

CEO Jang said, “Based on the mainnet, any game company will be able to build the ‘token economy’ they want on our platform,” adding, “Blockchain believes that this technology can change real life and replace some economic activities.” CEO Jang then said,

“The goal is to create a main net that can be used in a new economy that combines NFT and DAO with game-trained know-how, and in defi financial services based on virtual currency and NFT.”

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