“Wise Meta Engine” is a metaverse development engine that can build a company’s own metaverse site, not a closed metaverse space provided by a specific metaverse platform. It maximizes productivity by freely combining modular content, and can operate the space freely using a simple user interface (UI).

In particular, it supports easy and quick completion of metaverse UI and UX (user experience) through △ modular metaverse set that can be reused △ Korea’s first web-based no code metaverse content management △ multi-user communication and data sharing △ low code-based 3D avatar action event response.

In addition, you can create your own avatar based on the application program interface (API) of DeepX Lab, a company specializing in special visual effects (VFX) and extended reality (XR). Unlike the existing metaverse platform, which allows users to select only fixed avatars, Wise Meta Engine can generate caricature avatars that resemble users’ faces by entering photos.

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