The AI Lab Co., Ltd. (CEO Choi Young-joon) will hold a non-face-to-face AIAI healthcare workshop on June 28.

This workshop is co-hosted by Ajou University Medical Center’s cutting-edge medical research institute, Korea University Ansan Hospital, Ajou University’s Artificial Intelligence Innovation Talent Training Group, Hanyang University’s ERICA BK Medical Artificial Intelligence Convergence Education Research Group, and sponsored by the Korea Bio Association, Korea Smart Medical Device Industry Research Center, and the Korea Medical Data Association.

CEO Choi Young-joon said, “AI health is being applied throughout the medical field from diagnosis and treatment to new drug development and customized health care, and it is developing faster than any other AI field.”

As workshop speakers, Professor Kim Hwi-young (Yonsei University College of Medicine), Professor Heo Jae-sung (CEO of Ajou University Medical University/DAL Lab), Professor Lee Ki-sun (Korea University Ansan Hospital), and Professor Kim Do-kyun (University of Pennsylvania) will attend to introduce medical AI research methods and examples.

In the industry, Kim Tae-kyu, executive director of DeepNoid, Kim Han-jo, CEO of Palminogen (AI New Drug Design Research Center), and Ahn Choong-il, head of Infinite Healthcare’s AI team, will attend to present business applications and insights of medical AI.

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