New Paradigm Investment (co-CEO Bae Sang-seung and Park Je-hyun, hereinafter referred to as New Paradigm), an operator of TIPS of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, announced on the 5th that it has invested Pre-A in ARTRAMI, an art commerce platform startup.

Atrami is a startup that launched the online art editing shop “Tounou” in 2018. Tsunu connects artists, factories, and consumers, and innovates the art consumption market. Through the Toonu platform, artists can easily run brand shops, generate profits from the sale of works, and consumers can purchase unique and diverse art products, allowing them to enjoy art in their daily lives.

Through its simple and convenient art product sales method and on-demand strategy, Toonu currently offers a variety of 4,000 art products, including home furnishing, tableware, stationery, lifestyle, and tech, as well as 60 writers and 12 product categories.

Park Je-hyun, co-chairman of New Paradigm, said, “It was the first Daegu-based company to invest in Atrami. Atrami is a company selected for the 2022 Baby Unicorn Development Project, and Toonu’s differentiation is fast scalability, he said. “The strength is that the artist has established a fulfillment network and an on-demand system so that he can focus only on creation and generate profits.”

The artist editing shop Thunu, “Daily Life with Art,” has grown rapidly since its foundation thanks to the love of consumers who want to escape from standardized ready-made products. Sales have grown 38% on a quarterly basis since 2021 when the business model was embodied and found “Product and Service Market Suitability (PMF).”

Kim Hyun-tae, CEO of Atrami, said, “We succeeded in attracting Free A investment, so our business gained momentum. We will upgrade the rapid expansion of artists and contents and the development of automation for customized curation sectors, he said. “We also plan to launch a TtuNu mobile app in the future.” “We will grow into the best commerce platform in the art field that provides a cheaper, faster and easier customer experience,” he said.

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