KeySite Korea (CEO Lee Sun-woo) announced that it has been certified as a “good company to work” in 2022.

The “Good Company to Work” certification is a system that evaluates and certifies based on the international standard model “Trust Index” survey by GPTW (Great Place To Work), a global national workplace culture consulting firm, with more than 30,000 companies and institutions and more than 20 million employees participating.

Through a trust management index survey, members evaluate the trust management index, management philosophy, vision, and system of five items such as trust, respect, fairness, pride, and fellowship formed in everyday relationships, and become the basis for determining certification.

In the survey, KeySite Korea employees feel proud of what they have achieved with their colleagues (91%) and make a difference within the company (89%). It received this certification by recording high scores in all fields, including having a physically safe work environment (88%).

Lee Sun-woo, president of KeySite Korea, said, “GPTW certification is a reference point for whether KeySite Korea executives and employees always do their best for customers’ success and are provided with an environment that creates the best value, and employees’ voices to create better companies together.”

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