XL Games, which is preparing for the blockchain game “Aki World” service, has signed a strategic partnership with Planetarium Labs and Nine Corporation to jointly build a blockchain game ecosystem.

Nine Corporation is a developer of the decentralized blockchain game “Nine Chronicle,” which realizes community-oriented game experiences based on game operations without a central server and characteristics of decentralized technology.

Planetarium Labs is a global Web3 game publisher that provides technology to game projects that want to realize community-led gaming and supports the establishment of a co

‘Aki World’ plans to return ownership of major items/assets/characters that were not legally recognized by individuals in existing games to gamers and do not affect game balance for the benefit of the company. Users can NFTize and own and trade various items such as summoners, vehicles, and equipment, mainly on the land and houses of the housing system, which are Akiage’s special features.

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