Justin Sun, the founder of distributed blockchain-based digital platform Tron, made the announcement by attending the global blockchain conference “Upbit Developer Conference 2022” held at the Busan International Exhibition and Convention Center (BPEX) on the 23rd.

Established in Beijing, China in 2014, Tron started as a blockchain project to build a content-based entertainment industry system and separated from the Ethereum chain in 2018 and developed into an independent chain. You can develop a DApp (decentralized application) with a Tron platform and receive Tron coins in return for sharing content. The coin can be used to purchase content from Internet live broadcasts, social networks, and games.

Tron puts cost-effectiveness as its strength. “Tron has several advantages compared to its competitors, and the transaction cost is almost zero,” said founder Justin Sun. “It can trade Ethereum and Tron one-on-one, and the volume is similar.”

As a result, Tron is actively expanding into the “Web 3.0” field, which is characterized by decentralization and individual content ownership. Even before this UDC, Justin Sun has stressed the importance of Web 3.0 several times, saying that Web 3.0 will open the door for humans to enter the metaverse era. In this UDC lecture, he also talked about Tron’s strength as a digital platform in the Web 3.0 era and shared his views and insights on Web 3.0.

Web 3.0 can affect industry transparency, empowerment, industry scalability, and philanthropic help, he said. “Tron’s ecosystem supports financial popularization through efforts in various fields such as marketing, technology, and asset liquidity, and supports an environment where art, games, and media can grow in Web 3.0.”

In order to lead the development of the Tron ecosystem and the web 3.0 trend, he also stressed that he is preparing a series of support programs for the digital innovation of artworks, support for art contests and artists, and the blockchain industry represented by the Hackathon series.

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