The Seoul Metropolitan Government held the global startup festival Try Everything 2022 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) from September 21 (Wed) to 23 (Fri).

Sebastian Borget, CEO of The Sandbox, and co-founder of The Sandbox, came out as the first speaker of the keynote speech at the opening ceremony of Tri Everything 2022 on the 21st.

He gave a lecture on the theme of building an open NFT metaverse, and began his speech, saying, “When I think of Tri-Everything and Open Evanization, I think of topics related to metaverse first.”

The ecosystem of “The Sandbox,” represented by content, economy, door-to-door, and blockchain, is moving 99% with content created by users. In other words, it is possible to create a game in a virtual space or perform a music art sheet. In particular, virtual land and real estate are also traded in the virtual world. So far, 70% of the total 166,464 sites have been sold, and cultural diversity by country is also reflected in the service.

In addition, The Sandbox is using NFT to build an open metaverse. It has more than 400 partners worldwide and is currently working with domestic companies such as SM and CJ.

Sebastian Borges said, “Metabox will enable us to create trillions of dollars in value in the future. Above all, it will also contribute to job creation through new types of jobs such as virtual architects and virtual artists.”

Total freedom through the meta-box and the potential and opportunity in it were, after all, the key notes he spoke of.

Meanwhile, this year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government was selected as the Global Top 10, a good city to start a business around the world. Various start-up ecosystem players such as global conglomerates, investment institutions, unicorn companies, and media companies will participate to further promote the revitalization of the start-up ecosystem in Seoul. As a result, Try Everything 2022 held more than 40 programs, including competitions, lectures, and seminars, to expand domestic startups’ global expansion and revitalize the startup ecosystem in Seoul, and various global institutions such as the South Summit, Extreme Challenge, Startup Genome, and the U.S. Embassy in Korea also participated.

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