Coinone, a domestic digital asset (blockchain-based virtual asset, virtual currency, and cryptocurrency) exchange, announced on the 19th that it has held a seminar for all employees under the theme of upgrading Ethereum Merge, which has recently been considered the largest blockchain event.

On the 14th, a day before the Ethereum Merge upgrade, Coinone held a mini seminar under the theme of “What is Merge?” at the town hall in the office building. Under the supervision of Coinone’s blockchain department, overall contents such as differences before and after Ethereum Merge and the meaning of the conversion of equity proof (PoS) were covered.

This seminar is part of Coinone’s in-house campaign “Cryptopedia” to know digital assets right away. In order to form a healthy digital asset culture, Coinone is strengthening in-house seminars and education so that all employees can quickly absorb blockchain technology and industrial trends.

In July, the Coinone User Protection Center produced its own educational materials focusing on civil complaints such as voice phishing and conducted company-wide user protection training. The AML department plans AML training for executives and employees in connection with specialized institutions and conducts it for more than eight hours every year to raise awareness of money laundering prevention.

In addition, there is also a lunch day that supports lunch by matching employees of development and non-development occupations. The purpose is to ensure that employees in different fields eat together and have conversations on various topics such as industry news and technology trends to ensure a natural exchange of knowledge.

As Coinone has set its keyword as “technology and development” this year, it plans to expand its position of sharing the latest technology trends with non-development jobs led by blockchain developers.

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