Lulu Lab is expanding its business by introducing a new artificial intelligence (AI) skin analysis solution that can be used on mobile devices.

Lulu Lab, an AI beauty and healthcare company based on skin data, announced that it launched ‘Lumini DSK’ on the 16th. Lumini SDK is an AI skin analysis solution that can be used in mobile platforms such as smartphones. If Lumini, the first product of Lulu Lab, is a hardware-based product that allows skin analysis only in the space where the product is installed, the Lumini SDK can be used in any space holding a smartphone as a software version.

Lumini’s existing strengths, which precisely analyzes AI users’ conditions when scanning their skin with a palm-sized device, have eliminated space constraints. In fact, Lumini SDK is designed to allow beauty and retail industry companies to use AI skin analysis services by installing Lumini SDK on their web or applications. Through the expansion of the portfolio, the room for B2B transactions between companies has expanded.

Lumini SDK is an innovative product that implements high reproducibility and accuracy based on high-definition skin data of 1 million cases. In the case of mobile, it is much more difficult to secure reproducibility due to different camera specifications and external lighting for each smartphone model, but thanks to the success of developing various deep learning algorithms, the company explained that it was able to overcome the limitations of mobile measurement.

“Lumini SDK scans a person’s face within 10 seconds and analyzes six items, including trouble, dark circles, pores, wrinkles, redness, and pigmentation, through deep learning algorithms developed by Lulu Lab,” a Lulu Lab official said. “Based on the analysis results, we recommend cosmetics, care programs, and health functional foods.”

“Beauty and retail companies around the world can easily introduce Lulu Lab’s AI skin stones and recommendation engines through Lumini SDK and provide advanced personalization services,” said Choi Yong-joon, CEO of Lulu Lab. “We will increase the corporate value of Lulu Lab, which has various solutions through skin data-based AI technology

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