Jelly Space Co., Ltd., a blockchain brand agency, announced its expansion to Ethereum Mainnet in preparation for entering the global NFT market.

For about four months since its launch, Metazelis has been pushing for an open licensing policy in the domestic NFT ecosystem with the goal of creating luxury NFTs that surpass BAYC.

Through an open licensing policy that provides licensing rights to NFT holders, metazelis holders are introducing various projects by adding business value to the scarcity value of NFT. Jelly’s Cafe, Jelly’s Holdup Pub, Jelly’s Fitness Club, Vietnam’s cosmetics business, Hongdae’s Jelly’s NFT Gallery, and Jelly’s Bakery are in progress.

In addition, as the operator of BAYC #4172 earlier this month, he released OTHERSIDE, a song involving NFT characters, along with producer Baek Chan, and released The Sandbox’s 12*12 and 6*6 lands on the 26th, drawing attention. Jelly Space is serving as a pioneer in the Web 3.0 business with continuous attempts to become an NFT comprehensive entertainment company beyond a blockchain brand agency.

Meanwhile, Jelly Space is reportedly expanding its main net to Ethereum in the first week of August. The detailed schedule will be guided through the community.

By entering the global NFT market, it is expected that Korea’s unique culture will be known to the world and collaboration with various industries will be possible. Through this, it is expected that the inflow of global holders will accelerate and become a project recognized in the global market. These attempts are evaluated as new challenges that have not been found in the existing domestic NFT ecosystem.

Cho Hyun-jin, CEO of JellySpace, said, “The NFT ecosystem is not yet complete. If Metazelis expands its mainnet to Ethereum, it will be more accessible to ordinary users and easier to collaborate with Ethereum-based global NFT projects. The domestic market will also continue to make efforts to expand the market along with the growth of the Clayton ecosystem. In the end, considering market conditions, we are planning to expand to more mainnets (Solar, Polygon, etc.) in the future, and we will need a bridge system that can proceed with this.”

It is known that the NFT Bridge, which is a key technology needed to expand Metazelis to Ethereum and various mainnets, was provided by AB Co., Ltd.

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