NFT marketplace “palyNomm,” which has never been seen before, officially opened its service at 3 p.m. on the 7th.

The company explained that Playnom, which debuted for the first time, is a new concept NFT marketplace platform based on Leisure Metabus Blockchain, its own blockchain platform that is more advanced in terms of performance, interoperability, cost efficiency, and security.

Playnom supports the successful issuance of NFT by content creators by supporting marketing from planning, production, attracting investors, and profit management, focusing on selected NFT projects. It aims to build a cultural and economic community based on NFT by revitalizing the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) community through the Leisure Meta (LM) compensation system, which is the main currency of the platform.

Playnom is said to be considered NFT Marketplace 2.0 because it has differentiated strengths from existing NFT Marketplaces such as simple usability, marketing capabilities, and intuitive user convenience that do not require a separate plug-in.

Playnom is preparing for its first NFT project, “BPS (Block People Soul)” minting in mid-August. It is a joint project with brick artist Jin K, ink modernization artist Shin Young-hoon, and Planyom, and will issue and sell NFTs that contain the meaning of the first step toward the vision of Blockchain Win City that Planyom aims for.


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