Seoul Takes First Step in Self-Driving

Along with Hyundai Motor, it announced the start of Roboride service in Gangnam, which is complicated around the world beyond Sangam, and started the era of self-driving in the city.

Unlike Sangam, the Roboride that will be introduced this time is not a shuttle bus that runs a designated route

It is a technology and service in which autonomous cars judge everything and operate, such as finding the shortest route in real time according to the passenger’s departure and destination.

If the autonomous vehicle operation in Sangam is in the form of a shuttle, the Roboride service will be provided without a fixed route

It is a concept that operates while freely changing routes according to real-time traffic conditions.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has completed autonomous vehicle technology through its first Roboride

It will provide various support so that citizens can be reborn as a means of transportation used in their daily lives.

Safety personnel will be on board to deal with emergency situations for safe operation

Through demonstration, the government will gradually reduce the intervention of safety personnel and develop unmanned driving technology.

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